Project Design & Management

SGB provides a customized offering of services and solutions to help customers design, plan and manage commercial projects.

Agronomic Protocols

  • Crop Nutritional Requirements
    By understanding the specific nutritional demands of the crop during flowering, fruit production, and vegetative periods, SGB has developed localized recommendations that specify the correct timing, quantities and application methods for nutrient inputs.
  • Management of Diseases, Insects and Weeds
    By both leveraging the crop's natural resistance traits as well as developing preventive rather than reactive monitoring and control programs for disease, insects and weed control, SGB is able to adequately plan for and manage these types of common agriculture risks.

Production Practices

  • Site Selection and Establishment
    Proper site selection is fundamental towards influencing production over the lifespan of the plantation. SGB dedicates significant time to understand the possible challenges and limitations of a site in order to address solutions and prepare the land accordingly.
  • Soil and Water Relations Management
    By managing excesses and deficiencies of rainfall and water availability in the soil through irrigation or drainage systems, SGB ensures the delivery of the minimum water volumes required by the crop for healthy plant growth and fruit production.
  • Crop and Harvest Management
    SGB has dedicated significant time to understand the effects of pruning and has developed methodologies that optimize production. Additionally, SGB has been able to increase fruit yield on a per unit of land basis through leveraging its hybrids' ability to thrive in higher planting densities. SGB has also greatly reduced harvesting costs through the development of a proprietary mechanized harvesting solution.