SGB has developed elite, high-performing hybrids of its protein and oil crop. The hybrids provide higher yields and profitability in comparison to other oilseed crops. SGB's hybrid seeds result in greater yield, uniformity and vigor, while significantly reducing handling and deployment costs for growers, delivering better economics across the entire value chain.

SGB's rigorous scientific program provides a continuous pipeline of attributes and trait improvements, enabling SGB's hybrids to reach their full genetic yield potential while maintaining performance in adverse environments. Among the accomplishments to date, SGB breeders have accelerated the normal time to maturity from 4-5 years to 1-2 years and increased yields by 10x.

Key attributes and traits of SGB's proprietary hybrids include:

  • Improved seed & oil yield
  • Ability to direct seed/establishment of a tap root
  • Greater than 90% germination rates with direct seeding
  • Early seedling vigor
  • Early flowering
  • Greater plant vigor
  • Early fruiting
  • Large fruit clusters
  • Improved uniformity of ripening
  • Disease & pest resistance/tolerance
  • Accelerated time to maturity