Plant Oil, Protein, Biomass

SGB crop directly addresses three multibillion-dollar market opportunities.

  • Plant Oil
    The plant oil market for non-food applications represents a $20B annual opportunity. Compared to soybeans, SGB's crop produces three times the amount of oil on a per unit of land basis. In addition, the oil has the specs that make it attractive for a wide range of specialty chemical and fuel products, including lubricants, surfuctants, plastics, resins, jet fuel and biodiesel.
  • Protein
    The plant protein market represents a $100B dollar annual opportunity. Compared to soybeans, SGB crop produces the same amount of protein on a per unit of land basis. The protein is well-suited for the animal feed market and is not derived from a GMO (genetically modified organism) crop.
  • Biomass
    Our crop produces large amounts of biomass that can be grown and harvested at relatively low-cost. The biomass makes a great feedstock for steam and power generation which is a multibillion dollar market. Biomass conversion technologies can transform our biomass into higher value industrial sugars and chemicals as well.